Band Biography

The Tolka Hot Club are a hot swing group formed by the banks of the river Tolka on Dublin’s north side, late in 2014. The group bring a body of music from the Roaring 20’s and 30’s, from both sides of the Atlantic right into the twenty-first century, along with this the repertoire is peppered with Balkan , Latin and Turkish tunes with a few modern surprises! All this is delivered with the lush yet percussive ambiance that only strings and reeds can provide in the hypnotic Gypsy jazz style.


Way back in March before any restrictions we had a notion to record an album so we started with 4 songs and then…well…you can figure out the rest. Anyway, we recently got the tracks mastered and decided to put together a video over Christmas for this beautiful song from 1913. Bonsoir M’Amour